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Wood Purchase
.: Wood Purchase
.: Annual volume 40.OOO m3
.: Revaluation and acceptance of wood at contractor
.: Purchase of coniferous and leafy lumber of all assortments
.: Timber transport
Saw Production
.: Annual volume 15.OOO m3
.: Production schedule:
    Lumber IMB I, IBM II for palette and packing production
    Construction lumber, timbers of a roof
    EBW lumber for tongue floor and facing production
    Woodworking lumber
Timber-yard - Lumber Trade And Wood Handling
.: Annual volume 23.OOO m3
.: Wood handling and downgrading
.: Sale of produced coniferous and leafy assortment of wood species
.: Despatch of wood with cars and wagons
.: Fence laths
.: Flower tub
.: Garden furniture
.: Palisades, slabs
Wooden pillars and palisades production
.: Annual volume 2.OOO m3
.: Production schedule:
    White or pressure-waterproofed wooden pillars
    White, waterproofed or pressure-waterproofed peeled stockade
Wood sale
.: Facing and flooring tongue board
.: OSB board, plywood
.: Mulch bark
.: Biomass, wood chips, sawdust, flitches
.: Firewood