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Base informations
PROXIMA lesnická a dřevařská a.s.
ul. Za Drahou 1405
757 01 Valašské Meziříčí
Czech Republic

IČO: 277 60 979
DIČ: CZ277 60 979

Established in 1997
   » Purchase and conversion of wood
   » 50% of production is exported in EU
   » Coniferous and leafy saw-log of quality III. A, B, C
   » Pulp for cellulose production and abrasive timber
   » Saw logs and timber stake for building purposes
   » Coniferous and leafy lumber all qualities
   » Peeled stockade and wooden pillar

   » Facing tongue board, plywood
   » Garden program
   » Mulch bark, wood chips, sawdust, flitches